Maryland Music Magazine (MMM) was formed in 2009, as a product of the Ravenhurst Entertainment Group (R.E.G.). The magazine was created as a means of promoting local music in Maryland, bringing back journalism not seen since the defunct of Music Monthly and Rox Magazine. Maryland Music Magazine (MMM) is the only music publication in its region giving priority coverage to local music and local business. The magazine services several major record labels, music promoters, and publicity companies with reviews, interviews, and news, locally, nationally, and internationally. The free online format is available monthly as eleven issues per year, excluding the month of August when we vacation. Respective print formats are available by subscription in both a full color printing and in electronic PDF. Email us for details. The magazine also maintains one of the largest libraries of local music available for free through its streaming music player MMM Radio.

MMM accepts submissions for review on CD or MP3 format. The magazine revolves around the genres of rock and metal music, it does not cater to the genres of pop music, country music, or hip-hop music. The magazine accepts free show listings for local music artists, posting a limited number each issue, first come first serve. Deadline for advertising, listings, and review submissions is the 25th of the month.

Phil Carnes - owner/editor
John Ness - managing editor
Chris Sampson - freelance writer
Steve Lambie - freelance writer

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