No. 7

Monday, November 11, 2013 - Williamsburg, NY.

A dispute over stolen money and equipment led to the fatal shooting of several people including two members of the dance-punk-psychadelic band the Yellow Dogs. Ali Rafie, 29, bassist for the band the Free Keys, had a falling out with the members of the band The Yellow Dogs last year. According to police, Rafie climbed onto the roof where The Yellow Dogs lived and rehearsed, leaping onto the landing where he began shooting. Rafie first fired through a window, hitting Ali Eskandarian, 35, a fellow musician and author, then climbed though the broken window, fatally shooting the Yellow Dogs drummer Arash Farazmand, 28, with a head shot. Rafie then went to the second floor where he pointed the gun into a bedroom and shot The Yellow Dogs guitarist Sourosh Farazmand in the chest. He blasted several shots down a second-floor hallway, hitting 22-year-old Sasan Sadeghpourosko who was taken to Elmhurst Hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound to his arm and released. Sadeghpourosko was in the room with his brother—they both fled the house and called 911.Rafie returned to the third floor and sprayed bullets into the wall of a bedroom wall sublet by two tourists who were in town for the Veteran's Day parade. The tourists took refuge in a bathroom where Rafie fired at them but missed. He then kicked in the bedroom's door and aimed his rifle at the Free Keys' frontman, Pooya Hosseini, who grabbed the weapon and fought with Rafie. After the struggle, Rafie ran up onto the roof and killed himself with a self-inflicted wound. Police were trying to determine how Rafie obtained the gun, a Century Sporter .308 caliber rifle that he bought upstate in 2006.The tragedy was the latest in The Yellow Dogs' stuggles. According to their bio, the band had moved to Brooklyn in 2010 after fleeing Iran, fearing they would be arrested for illegally performing their unsanctioned music in the country. They became well-known on the underground music scene in Tehran when featured in the 2009 documentary, "No One Knows About Persian Cats," which drew the unwanted attention of government authorities. They had made a name for themselves in NY playing clubs such as the the Brooklyn Bowl, The Knitting Factory, etc.

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