No. 10

March 01, 2014

Nate Bergman- Vocals/ Guitar ;
Henry Upton- Bass/ Vocals ;
Chris Brooks- Keyboards/ Vocals.

Lionize are the first independent artist to sign with Weathermaker Music, the label that served as the exclusive platform for Clutch. Lionize's new album Jetpack Soundtrack was released February 2014, featuring 11 new tracks ointly produced by CLUTCH drummer Jean-Paul Gaster and Machine (Lamb of God, King Crimson) at the Machine Shop in Belleville, New Jersey. Between Dec 18 and Dec 25, Lionize had a scavenger hunt that had fans deciphering clues, reading wiki pages about Stanley Kubrick and watching videos for hidden graphics. Many people arrived at the correct answer prior to the announcement of the album title, “Jetpack Soundtrack” on Dec 25th. The Maryland-based band Lionize formed in 2004, learning to play music by jamming and listening to each other. Ten years later, the band has matured into a much more powerful, tight unit. Lionize still hammer out most songs in the studio and rehearsal room from the basic spark of an idea. Jetpack Soundtrack, their fifth album and first for the Weathermaker Music label, is no different. Lionize first supported Clutch on tour in 2006 and over the course of time became close friends with Jean-Paul Gaster, whom they had initially metat the Washington DC home of drum instructor Walter Salb. They found a shared regard of music as a sacred cultural and intellectual art form, particularly jazz and rock and roll. That bond endeared the younger band to their seasoned patrons. Weathermaker Music — the label Clutch established in 2008 — eventually signed the band and the ensuing Jetpack Soundtrack is the first release of this new co-operation. Space Pope And The Glass Machine (2008) revealed their affinity for reggae. Destruction Manual (2011) and Superczar And The Vulture (2011) broadened into a more multifaceted musical direction by incorporating rock, soul and blues influences — such as Deep Purple, O. V. Wright, Led Zeppelin and Solomon Burke — that became the proverbial keys for taking the Weathermaker Music machine out for a late night joyride.

Their latest release Jetpack Soundtrack is full pf energy and delivers from start to finish. It is a must for every record collection. The band obsessed over thirteen songs, working off four notebooks crammed with ideas, ultimately narrowing the finished album to eleven tracks. Pre-production became a never ending process of upping the musical ante. Eventually, chasing perfection stopped only when producer Machine finally told them to leave.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Breather
3. Evolve
4. Electric Reckoning
5. Jetpack Soundtrack
6. Replaced By Machines
7. Reality Check
8. Lazarus Style
9. Amazing Science Facts
10. Skynet
11. Sea Of Tranquility

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