No. 12

May 01, 2014

Benefit Show Raises $14,000
and Money Goes Missing

Who Will Be The Sole Entities
of the group Queensryche

Bill Ward Speaks Out :
Ozzy is not my friend.

Rob Zombie Has Been Busy
Writing His Sixth Record.

Singer Stephen Pearcy Quits
the rock group Ratt.

Saving Abel at House of Rock
Wednesday, May 7th

Are You Ready For
Maryland Deathfest May 22th-25th

Rage Against The Machine
Likely Call It Quits

Phil Anselmo's Cancer Strickened
Fan Passes Away

Click Here to Listen To
The New Judas Priest Song.

As I Lay Dying Members
Announce New Band.

Stabbings and Gunshots at
Ohio's FireFest.

Machine Head Teaser :
New song "Killers and Kings".

Former Korn Guitarist
Shane Gibson Dies.

Ozzy Say he Wouldn't Mind
Doing Another Black Sabbath album.

Is a Farscape movie actually
going to happen ?

Click Here to Listen to
Slayer's new song "Implode".

Scar the Marytr Looking For New Vocalist.

Deaf Women Regains Hearing
Goes to Megadeth Concert

Steely Dan at Jamalot Festival
Pier Six Pavillion Sept 6th

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