No. 14

August 01, 2014

Following a lengthy legal dispute over the use of the name Queensryche, original frontman Geoff Tate has announced, that following his current farewell tour with the iconic band, he will forge on under the new band name Operation Mindcrime. Tate has been with Queensryche since its inception and is well known for his unique vocal style on albums such as the self-titled Queensryche, The Warning, and the infamous album Operation Mindcrime which drove the band to commercial success with 22 million albums sold. Last year frontman Geoff Tate and Queensryche went their separate ways with neither party wanting to give up the band name. So each continued as Queensryche and even released albums under the name. Tate's version released Frequency Unknown to not much fanfare and Todd La Tore-fronted Queensryche released a self-titled album.

Century Media announced that orinal Queensryche members Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton have successfully agreed to purchase Geoff Tate's portion of the Queensryche name. The band will buy out their former lead singer's share of the bands corporation while allowing him the ability to be the only one to perform "Operation: Mindcrime" and "Operation: Mindcrime II" in their entirety. He will no longer have use of the bands logo, or any other album images aside from the "Mindcrime" releases, and can only refer to himself as the original lead singer of Queensryche or formerly of Quuensryche for a period of two years. That text must be at least 50 percent smaller than his name in all materials and after this two-year period passes, he can only refer to himself as Geoff Tate with no mention of Queensryche at all.

Tate's new band is named after Queensryche's epic concept album from 1988, "Operation: Mindcrime" and will consist of Geoff Tate, Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne and Whitesnake), Simon Wright (AC/DC and Dio), Randy Gane (Myth) and Kelly Gray (Queensryche). The new band will enter the studio in September to begin recording a trilogy project that Tate has been working on for the past two years. One has to wonder what Tate is thinking naming his band after an album he did 25 years ago instead of moving on, letting the past go, and coming up with a new original band name.

Tate considers the creation of the forthcoming trilogy one of his biggest and most ambitious works to date. He stated " I tried to reduce the story and eventually got it down to 37 ideas that needed representing to complete the story. I knew that one record wouldn't cover it and that it would have to be a trilogy. It's an exciting project and one we'd like to release the first part of sometime next spring."

With the evolution of his band, Tate would like to concentrate on concept and story albums in the years to come. He stated " "It doesn't seem that long ago when I first brought the 'Mindcrime' story to the bandů they were, initially, against it. Chris DeGarmo was the first one to get on board and, once he did, we were able to move forward with what became one of our greatest achievements as a band." Tate went onto say "It is so refreshing to be able to concentrate on the many stories and ideas that I have been working on with no boundaries or restrictions. With the newly named band, I think fans will continue to enjoy the music we create and perform together and hope they share this new musical journey with us."

Geoff Tate and band members of Queensryche will be touring the states for 22 shows beginning on July 30th. It will be Tate's final farewell performances under the name Queensryche. It is ashamed to see petty squabbles and egos lead to the end of such an iconic band in this way. For now we will all have to wait to see if Tate can continue on with success under his new moniker Operation Mindcrime.

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