No. 20

February 01, 2015

Shock Dr. Record Shop in Baltimore has been supporting the local music scene for more than a decade now, selling products both new and used ranging from recent releases to those from days gone by. They carry the obscure, the collectible, they are the one stop shop to find music from bands such as Childs Play, Wrathchild America, Have Mercy, Chemikill, Deadly Aggressor, Desolate Angel, Nothingface, Anoxia, Ghost of War, Delusion, Mindset, Misery Index, and many others. If they don't carry it, the Shock Dr. Can find it for you.

Shock Dr. carries a wide variety of new and vintage vinyl LP's, 33 1/3, 45 RPM, and 7" records, new & pre-owned cd's, as well as cassette tapes. They carry new and vintage music related t-shirts, stocking hundreds of vintage music publications, music related comics, music books, tablature books, tour programs & more. They have a huge DJ friendly selection of maxi-singles and a wide range of memorabilia and collectibles such as autographed merchandise, framed merchandise, vintage and retro merchandise, and much more. The Shock Dr. pays cash for records, tapes, cds, and memorabilia, shipping worldwide by mail order, and is the best little record shop in Baltimore. On any given day they are open for business you might also be tempted by free candy, cakes, and more to enhance your music shopping experience. Who doesn't like a Ho-Ho or Jolly Rancher while shopping for your music selections ?

The shop has been a central fixture vending from a booth at the North Point Flea Market, 2401 N Point Blvd, Dundalk, Maryland 21222 for more than a decade. Back in the mid 2000's, they attempted a move to Parkville on Harford Road through a partnership with Shockwave Records, sharing a storefront in Parkvile's main shopping district. The move was short-lived however, when after much work in preparing the storefront, there was a falling out over bad business dealings with its partner and Shock Dr. eventually abandoned the Parkville location returning to its original home in North Point. Following their departure from Parkville, that location continued to be home of Shockwave Records, which unproductively couldn't support itself and after a desparate plea to generate revenue from crowdfunding, eventually closed its doors at the end of 2014. In the wake of the closure of Shockwave Records and the vacancy of the Parkville storefront, Shock Dr. Records secured the location for itself to make a return in 2015.

Shock Dr. Records will be leaving its North Point location and opening its doors for a grand opening in Parkville at 7914 Harford Road 21234 in February 2015. They have gone to extensive lengths to revamp the storefront with new paint, bins, racks, and more. From pictures posted on the progress, the store looks really great, and is poised to do well. There haved been some suggestions that there may also be live performance showcases, maybe even band rehearsal spaces. Local bands should take note of Shock Dr. and make the effort to sell their merchandise at the shop. Shock Dr. is also very supportive of local business, promtoting businesses such as Charm City Choppers, Deville Ink, Collectors Corner, The Circuit, and more. Shock Dr. has the potential to be the greatest resource for local music so support your local businesses and lets make their shop thrive. Look out for the grand opening of Shock Dr. Records in Parkville this month where there will surely by grand opening specials, great prices and selections, possibly some live showcases, and somrthing to satisfy your sweet tooth. Look out for the announcement of their opening day coming soon !!!!

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