No. 27

October 01, 2015

Kirk Hammett's Company To
Release Guitar Pedal

Mark Tremonti Remarks On
Potential Creed Reunion

Montage of Kurt Cobain's Home
Recordings To Be Released

Hell Yeah is Recording
Their Fifth Album

Geoff Tate Talks Operation :
Mindcrime and New Album

Ratt's Blotzer and Demartini
Battle Over Band Name

5 Things Every Band Should Know
Before Going To The Studio

Listen to Caligula's Horse
Century Media Release

Do Not Ask Vince Neil
To Comment On Metallica

Avenged Sevenfold Have Found
Their New Drummer

Tool Frontman Lands Book
Deal For Biography

Trivium Guitarist Says Screaming
Doesn't Define Heaviness

Phil Anselmo's New Band Scour
Features Members of Pig Destroyer

Here's Megadeth's New SIngle
"Fatal Illusion" With Chris Adler

Rob Flynn Gets Kicked Out
Of The Sistine Chapel

Listen To Bag of Humans
Edgar Allen Poe Song

Original Korn Drummer On New
Album, It Will Be The Same

Horror Soundtrack Maker John
Carpenter To Play A Live Show

Fates Warning Announce Tour
Dates For 2015

Milwaukee Venue Bans All
Metalcore Acts After Damage

Overkill, Symphony X, and Ghost
Of War at The Fillmore

The Electric Prophets Are Looking
For A New Guitarist

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