No. 30

January 01, 2016

Here at Maryland Music Magazine (MMM) we strive to cover international, national, and local music. Our primary focus is on the local music scene, but we find too often that too many local bands are not submitting their music and/or events to be featured in the magazine. We continue to put the word out, hopefully more bands will see the advantages of the publicity. Being light on material from local bands, it appear the magazine is geared more towards the national and international, but this simply is not the case and it is only a matter of content. Looking back on the year 2015, it has been an interesting year. There has been a continued decline in music sales due to piracy, several hearings and lawsuits took place over the regulations of publishing rights, and dozens of musicians and bands have retired or called it quits, claiming they not only can't break even but its costing them money which is unsustainable. On a positive note, there were several great albums released this past year, Maryland saw its first Music Awards ceremony, and it was announced that construction will begin in 2016 on a new Hammerjacks venue in Baltimore. Sadly, the year 2015 is also marked by the deaths of several iconic figures in the music world.

Looking back on the past year of magazine issues. Back in January 2015, MMM spotlighted an article on the death of rock 'n roll icon Joe Cocker. In February 2015, we spotlighted an album release by Dali's Watch through local distributer Ravenhurst Records and a feature on Shock Dr. Records who are a supporter of local music and moved to a new location in Parkville, MD. In March 2015, we spolighted an article about Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson being diagnosis and treated for throat cancer as well as a feature on the new album release Dearly Departed by Adrenaline Mob. In April 2015 we spolighted an article on the death of local musician Sean McAulliffe, singer of the band Korrupt, and a feature review of Van Halen's Tokyo Dome Live DVD, with David Lee Roth returning to tour with the band. Things then took an unusual turn as Baltimore was under siege with rioting and looting over the death of Freddie Brown and the racial impilcations which played out on the national news. Certain streets in Baltimore were closed and the National Guard was called in to re-establish control of Baltimore. It was such a shocking event that we spotligthed an article about it in the May 2015 issue. It was the first and only non music related article featured in MMM. That same magazine issue we also gave coverage to renovations being conducted at the local venue Merriweather Post Pavillion. In June 2015 we spotlighted the annual Maryland Deathfest which was very successful this year and continued gaining ground from the previous years festival. In July 2015, we spotlighted an article on the death of iconic bassist Chris Squires from the band Yes and featured an article on the new Apple music service. In August 2015 we were on hiatus for vacation and preparation for the launch of our new music app for MMM Radio, designed to featurie music by local bands both past and present. This was the spotlight article in the September 2015 issue of MMM, along with a feature article on the merger of Century Media Records, who was acquired by Sony Music Group. In October 2015 we spotlighted an article on the Top Five Cover Bands in the rock/metal genre in Maryland, as well as a feature article on the death of iconic guitarist Gary Hildreth of Reo Speedwagon. In November 2015 we spotlighted the announcement of the return of Hammerjacks and the construction on that new venue which will begin in 2016. As well we featured an article on the 2nd Annual Maryland Music Awards, which this year contains a category to recognize metal music bands and were accepting nominations. We ended the year in December 2015 spotlighting an article on the death of local icon David VanLanding, singer of the 80's band Mannekin and recently singer for Tony Macalpine's band. This in addition to a feature article on the recent lawsuit between BMG Music Service vs. Cox Internet over infringement policies. It was an interesting year and one with much rememberance for those iconic musicians who passed away in 2015. Visit our Feature Articles page to read any, or all, of last years articles.

So far it seems that 2016 will stand to be another interesting year as the 2nd Annual Maryland Music Awards takes place and we wait to see what bias or unbias will surround the coverage of metal music as a part of that event. Many are excited waiting for the new Hammerjacks venue to complete construction and open. It will remain to be seen if it can rival the original Hammerjacks venue and recoup its investment requring millions and millions of dollars. It seems possible that 2016 may be the year that game changing restructuring may come to fruition in the music industry, rewriting the regulations surrounding the impact that the internet has had on the business of music in publishing, digital sales, and the effects of piracy. We are anticipating that in 2016 there will be continued economic decline in the USA which will unfortunately lead to further club/venue closures, more musicians and bands calling it quits, and the trend in the music industry of smaller independent companies being swallowed up by big corporations.

Here at Maryland Music Magazine (MMM) we appreciate all those who supported us in 2016. We have seen an increase in followers on social media and an increase in interaction with the website. We hope the Maryland rock and metal music scene continues to show increased support for the magazine so together we can strengthen the local music scene. MMM gives coverage to local music so submit your music releases for review, send your bios/photo to be included in our Maryland bands page, promote your events on MMM, send your songs for inclusion on our MMM Radio app. Take advantage of the free publicity MMM is willing to give to local music. In conclusion, MMM wishes all of you a happy and productive new year.

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