No. 31

February 01, 2016

Ex-Member Says Marilyn Manson
Should Put A Bullet In His Head

Motorhead's Phil Campbell To Write
Book Of Band Anecdotes

Courtney Love Wins Court
Case Over Defamatory Tweet

Wes Scanlin Accuses Fan
Of Stealing His House

Def Leppard's Phil Collen Rips
Guns 'n Roses As "Lame"

Heavy Metal Band Delivers Water
To Residents of Flint Michigan

Metallica's James Hetfield Appeared
On Episode of American Dad

Phil Anselmo No Longer Welcome
At Festival Due to Racist Rant

Catalog Album Sales Outnumber Current Album Sales
Megadeth's Dystopia Debuts At
#3 With 65% Increase In Sales

Def Leppard Postpone Remaining
Tour Dates Due To Illness

Martin Scorsese's Ramones Movie
To Come Out In 2016

Paul Rodgers Working On
New Bad Company Album

Science Reveals Something Interesting
About Metal and Classical Fans

Jefferson Airplane's Paul Kantner
Dies At Age 74

New York Concert Venue Plans
New Location In Baltimore

Slayer Fan Shuts Down
Religious Protesters

EzDrummer 2 : The Ultimate
Songwriter Competition For $10,000

Black Sabbath Reveals Drummer
Who Will Go On Tour

Metallica Threaten Lawsuit Over
Canadian Cover Band

Namm 2016 Is Like
Disneyland For Musicians

Bands ... Win 100 CD's, Posters,
and Digital Distribution

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