No. 32

March 01, 2016

Back in the late 80's there emerged a handful of great metal bands that lit up the Baltimore music scene. Among these iconic bands was a band called Chemikill, whose founder was guitarist and songwriter John Cummings. The band released three cassettes titled Impending Doom (1989) , Consumed By Hate (1990), and Of Mind and Body (1992) and gained much popularity playing show in the region. The band featured John Cummings - guitars, vocals; Chris Koernke - guitars; Jimi Schuman - bass guitars, and Paul Guercio - drums. In 1992, Schuman and Guercio left and the band was joined by Nick Neghandi - bass guitars and Paul Thens - drums, known from his former band Cutthroat. By 1994, the band split up claiming their music was obsolete and irrelevant, leaving Cummings and Koernke to start a new industrial alternative metal band they called Click. The music was heavy, melodic, dark industrial and compared with influences such as Ministry, Soilwork, Tool, Korn, Deftones, and others. The new band Click saw greater success than Chemikill inking a deal with Supertone Records for their first self-titled release in 1995 as they were joined by Nick Neghandi on bass guitars, and iconic Baltimore drummer Shawn Hughes. This was followed up with their second album Click - Failure in 1997 with Keith Thompson on bass guitars and Mick Luca on drums. By 2001, Click had parted ways with Supertone Records, signed with Fowl Records, and released their third album titled Reconstruktion with a new lineup that included original member John Cummings-vocals, guitars with Keith Thompson - bass guitars, joined by Marcio Alvarado - vocals, guitars and Aaron Edmunds - drums. This lineup persisted through their fourth album release on Fowl Records titled Gently Unraveling in 2002. The band afterwards became defunct and now a decade later are reuniting for a show at Ramshead Live on Friday March 4th, 2016. It is an all ages show, doors open at 7PM, and tickets are $12. Joining Click in reuniting for this show are bands 51 Peg, Pimp Daddy Longstockin', and Spinebelt, along with Black Angel Down.

51 Peg is an electronic/industrial rock band from the Washington D.C. area, named for a star in the Pegasus constellation. The band included members Brian Fasani - Drums; Jaime Nish - Synth; Carlo Pizarro - Guitars; and Jeff Sargent - Vocals The band's unique blend of electronic, industrial, metal, and synthpop brought it some success and a loyal fanbase in the DC/Baltimore/Northern Virginia region as well as in other limited areas in both the United States and Canada, but also hampered its ability to enter the musical mainstream. They disbanded in 2009.

Pimp Daddy Longstockin rose in 1997 with their debut album titled Outlet which was released on Smashing Attitude, a division of Siegen Records. The band members include Mike Morgan - vocals; Bill Cooke - guitars; Anthony Grabowski - drums; and Dan Konstans - bass. Their brand of Pantera style, explosive, high energy metal gained them success in the Baltimore region until a tragic accident left singer Mike Morgan in a wheelchair and the group disbanded.

Spinebelt were a thrash metal crosover band from Pennsylvania formed in 1997. They released their first album titled The Throne of the Hive in 2000 on DRP Records, followed by an EP titled Small but Permanent Hell in 2001, and another full-length album titled Beautiful Songs For Ugly Children in 2002. The band included members Butch Lloyd - vocals, guitars; Bill Atkinson - bass, vocals; John K - drums; and Josh Warsteiner - keyboards, vocals. The band created an entity uniquely their own from many different genres of music that has inspired and influenced them.

Black Angel Down were born from the ashes of some of Baltimore’s most widely successful and sound forging rock bands like The Mayan Factor, Imbue, and Agents of the Sun. They are polygamous in how they have married multiple genres into a union that incorporates rock, soul and R&B. Fronted by Nokio, the N-Tity, of legendary multi platinum R&B group, Dru Hill, Black Angel Down’s sound is layered with in your face, hard-hitting grooves and soulful melodic vocals and harmonies.

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