No. 32

March 01, 2016

Suicide Silence Choses Producer
For Their Next Album

Listen to Bag of Humans
"Contempt(Disgusting Humans)"

The Foo Fighters Hint At
Disbanding Was Just Their Hoax

Metal Can Be Used To
Promote Scientific Thinking

Bolt Thrower and Bendiction Members
Team Up For Memoriam

Slipknot and Marilyn Manson To
Tour Apple Music Show In 2016

Def Leppard Announce Tour With
Reo Speedwagon and Tesla

A Member of the Punk Band
Black Flag Wins An Oscar

Oscar Security Tackles Homeless Man
Who Turns Out To Be Rob Zombie

67-Year-Old "Grindma" Has
Career As A Grindcore Vocalist

Listen to Periphery's "Scarlet"
As An Acoustic Piece

Iron Maiden Kicks Off "Book
Of Shadows" World Tour

DRI Are Making A Comeback
Are You Into It ?

Sammy Hagar On Van Halen
"The Vultures Came Out"

Dokken Hoping To Reunite
Original Lineup For Tour

Take A Peek At Iron Maiden's
Tour Jet "Ed Force One"

Metallica To Release Remasters
Of Their Early Releases

Watch A New Teaser Video For
Slayer's Song "You Against You".

Fear Factory Announces They Will
Perform Entire Demanufacture Album

Iranian Metal Band Arrested
Are Facing Possible Execution

Santana Calls Out Super Bowl
For Not Booking Metallica

Whitesnake Announces 2016
Greatest Hits Tour

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