No. 35

July 01, 2016

Last month Relapse Records announced the signing of Baltimore, Maryland band NOISEM! The band which was formed in 2013 features teenagers Tyler Carnes - vocals; Sebastian Phillips - guitars; Travis Stone - guitars; Yago Venture - bass guitars; and Harley Phillips - drums. NoiseM quickly established themselves as the most promising young band in extreme metal and have already graced the cover of Decibel Magazine in addition to having toured with countless heavyweights such as Carcass, Obituary, Nails, Dropdead, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gorguts, Iron Reagan and many more during their short time as a band. NoiseM bring an incredible energy to their mix of death metal, thrash, grindcore and hardcore having released two full-lengths and an EP through A389 Recordings.

One might find it notable how young this band was when it started gaining recognition in 2013, but they used the internet to their advantage picking up scores of fans with their debut release titled Agony Defined. The band came across as seasoned musicians twice their age with the nine song debut spanning 26 minutes of old school thrash, metal, and punk which took references to early Slayer and Napalm Death. Pitchfork Magazine contributing writer Brandon Stousuy named it his 10th favorite metal album of 2013. The bands 2015 follow-up titled Blosoming Decay was faster and heavier showing the bands progression in songwriting and recording. Baltimore's The City Paper voted "Blossoming Decay" as the Best Album of 2015. In Pitchfork's review of Blossoming Decay, they write "Noisem have worked in larger doses of grind and death and punk; there's less time to take hold of the whammy. We get nine songs in 24 minutes, and that includes those cello pieces (which come off as soft, low-tech industrial ambiance) as well as the 4-minute "Cascade of Scars", which opens on a doom note, and momentarily brings to mind Converge. For such a short album, there's plenty of variation, like the floor-punching youth crew pulse in "1132", the catchy opener "Trail of Perturbation", the blistering shout-along in "Replant and Repress". This is a record that'll appeal to punk kids—and Trash Talk fans—as much as it'll blow the minds of metalheads." That about sums up that album. Blossoming Decay, can be streamed in full at their Bandcamp website by clicking here.

In a recent Decibel magazine feature, Tyler Carnes talked about his mother abandoning them at a young age, and being raised by their rock'n'roll-friendly father who stole his brother a guitar to practice on when he was a kid. Tyler's mentioned being into Robert Smith's lyrics, and the words of Converge's Jacob Bannon—poetry, more or less. This album carries that kind of weight: flowers are reincarnated as shards (and, later tossed into the sea) and there are suicidal thoughts, sinking stomachs, lacerations, hazy memories. There's a lot of blood and more than a few knives. There's a general anxiety, along with a song called "Another Night Sleeping in the Cold", that resonates deeply when you know the singer's backstory. The songs are personal and resonate with the listener, the album shows the bands progression and where they are heading into the future.

NoiseM will enter the studio this summer to begin recording their third full-length. The band commented on the signing and new album stating “We’re very excited to be able to work with everyone at Relapse. We look forward to what we’ll be able to do in the future and am glad they decided to add us to their already incredible line-up of bands. Without giving too much away, Noisem record C so far has come to be about the sense of memory in loss, and gain. How everything before you pass could have a never ending impact on how you are seen, but within yourself will be forgotten in an instant. You can live a dream walker, but ultimately it’s all just a Cancered Delusion.” Maryland Music Magazine (MMM) made attempts to contact Relapse Records in June 2016 to get more information on the band and their signing, but they failed to respond. Stay tuned for updates coming soon.

Watch NoiseM Live At MD Deathfest 2016

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