No. 36

September 01, 2016

Taboo Tattoo is a high energy, hard rocking regional showcase band that hails from the greater Maryland area. This act is a female-fronted powerhouse that features stellar backing vocals and dynamic arrangements fueled by a precision rhythm section. Terri Dougherty (formally of Spectrum fame) is at the helm on lead vocals and is joined by Jill Gilmore and Jay Wise on backup vocal harmonies. The success methodology of this band has involved selecting well known classic hard rock songs and embellishing them with a touch of Taboo Tattoo’s hallmark song stylings: High-Energy Drive, Engaging Grooves and Passionate Showmanship. Taboo Tattoo’s approach ensures live performances are chock full of material from artists that audiences have come to know and love, albeit rebooted with a well-received tinge of the modern edge. Taboo Tattoo delivers high octane ass kicking versions of songs by artists such as Heart, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Halestorm, The Rolling Stones, Dio, Foo Fighters, Pretty Reckless, Scorpions, Pat Benatar, Evanescence, Alanis Morissette, Black Sabbath, Joan Jett and even Blondie. The group performs time-proven material with more than enough energy, passion and attitude to keep audiences captivated, intrigued and on their feet the whole night long.

Taboo Tattoo formed in the spring of 2015 when former members of Riff Raff decided to give it a go with hard rock covers and a female front singer. The band got its initial start with Robin Herndon on lead vocals and had great success for several shows performed in 2015. They headlined each show including Rams Head Live, Fish Head Cantina and Baltimore Soundstage. By early 2016, Robin had moved to Key West and Taboo’s lead guitarist contacted Terri Dougherty about taking the band to the next level. Terri brings limitless vocal range, experience, showmanship and professionalism to her position. For both Terri and the band, it has been a perfect fit, “We all hit it off pretty much immediately. Taboo Tattoo feels like a family.”

At the heart of the Taboo Tattoo’s signature sound are the unique contributions of their hard hitting rhythm section. John “Nort” Knoerlein is a machine of precision on the drum kit, and locks down the thunderous groove of Paul Madigan’s grinding bass lines. This sets in motion the perfect canvas for the lethal crunch of Jay Wise’s guitar and vocal stylings. The icing on top of this all of this is Jill Gilmore’s incredible backing vocals in combination with the masterful power and range of Terri Dougherty’s lead vocals. The totality of these individual elements mesh well to achieve a vast wall full of sonic delights. “At every live performance we’ve done, the impeccable vocals stylings delivered by Terri and Jill has left us with the hairs standing on the back of our necks.”

Now mid 2016, this band sets its sights on entertaining all of Maryland - from the rock clubs to seasonal festivals. “We want to show our current and new friends that this band is worth seeing over and over again” says Jay. “We will keep this act fresh and devoted for each show. Our intention is to not play so often that our fan base gets burned out. We want to play throughout the regional area as to gain as much exposure as possible while not overlapping proximity and close dates. What it comes down to is we have a passion for what we are doing and we do it extremely well. We want to share this with large crowds and we are out to do this.”

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