No. 38

November 01, 2016

Tool Allegedly Only Happy With
Five Songs For A New Album

Dethlok Creator Says Adult Swim
Says No To Reviving Metalocalypse

See a Dude Who Builds Killer
Guitars Out Of Skateboards

Sepultura Announce New Album Machine
Messiah To Be Released In January

Kreater To Release New Album
Gods of Violence in January

Metalica Stream New Song
"Atlas Rise", Take A Listen

Mastoden Finished Recording It's New
Album To Begin Mixing Soon

You Can Be The Vocalist For This
Mystery Sumerian Records Supergroup

Marilyn Manson Offers Details About
His Next Album Say 10

Testament Frontman Recalls
Auditioning For Sepultura

Obituary Aims To Release A
New Album in March 2017

The Magic Of A New Jersey
Nightclub Now Gone

10 Current Artists Who Effortlessly
Blend Metal With Other Genres

Corey Taylor's New Book Discusses
How Batshit Crazy America Is

Nominees For Revolvers Music Awards
Include Megadeth, Metallica, etc.

What's Your "Don't Touch It, Don't
Even Look At It" Guitar

Here Are The Daily Lineups
For Maryland Deathfest 2017

Nine Guitar Hacks You Need To Know

Warner Bros. Records Is Taking
Avenged Sevenfold To Court

Watch George Harrison Show Off
His Guitars In 1974 Video

Michael Anthony Speaks With Alex
Van Halen About Reunion

Iconic Band UFO Announces US
Tour Dates With Saxon

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