No. 38

Dali's Watch

Mic Wynne - guitars, vocals

Mike Galway - bass guitars

Gary Venable - percussion

Eric Dee - bass guitars

Nick Rivillas -drums

Genre : Rock, Alternative, Experimental

Featured Local Shows

List of Maryland Bands

Wed, Dec 7th, 2016 at Cafe 611

Abigail Williams, Wolvhammer, and Amiensus

Thu Dec 8th, 2016 at Ramshead Live

Pop Evil with Citizen Zero

Fri, Dec 9th, 2016 at The Raven Inn

Carousel Kings with Knockout Kid, Count To Four, The Great Heights Band, Banter , Fadest, and Changeover

Thu, Dec 15th, 2016 at Fish Head Cantina

Trapt with Fatally Yours, My Enemy Complete, and Bridge To Divide

Fri, Dec 30th, 2016 at The Fillmore