Maryland band Saints of Rebellion have signed to High Volume Music. Their music packs a rock-hard punch that you will identify with, but just can’t stereotype into a single style of music or into any one direction. Their new album ‘New American Dream’ is a culmination of years of songwriting combined with the life experiences of four very different musicians. The result is a captured energy and intensity that showcases the talent and sincerity of the band.Vocalist Coby DeShazo’s powerful vocals offer a soulful and bluesy grace but, also blends in his own very modern-day style. The rhythm section is comprised of bassist/keys Jay Hitaffer and drummer/percussionist Ryche Green. These two combined create a dynamic rhythm section that channels the thunderous grooves of Saints of Rebellion. The brute force that drives the music home is guitarist John Adams, who attacks his guitar with intense prowess.

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Delusion was formed in 1995 by songwriter/guitarist Phil Carnes who hails from Baltimore, Maryland. The group released their first demos in 1996, leading to inclusion on the compilations Powerquest :The Awakening and Powermad Festival 1998, as well as a featured spot on Children of the Damned : A Tribute to Iron Maiden. Delusion have done business with several labels including KMI International, Siegen Records, Adrenaline/Energie Records, and since 2001 have been the feature artist of Ravenhurst Records. In 2004, Delusion released its first full-length album titled The Tragedy of Regret which earned the band an honorable mention by Billboard selling over 5,000 units. The group faced a trademark opposition over the band name in a case that lasted from 2003-2008 stalling the groups momentum. In 2010, Carnes began writing new material for Delusion, entered production in 2010, and released their second full-length album The Temple Divine in 2013 with musicians Nicholas Horner - vocals, Trevor Ray - drums, and Keith Menser - bass guitars.

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Orenda Scars is a dual male and female fronted hard rock/alternative metal band hailing from Baltimore, MD. As separate veteran musical entities prior to the "merge" of bands Carbonstone and Anoxia, the members of Orenda Scars have garnered quite a roster of amazing achievements in their musical endeavors, including a slot a the 2013 Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival. They have been honored with the aid of radio play on several of the top major radio local radio stations on the east coast. Members of the band have shared the stage respectively with a slew ofwell known national and international acts including Saving Abel, Drowning Pool, Fuel, Filter, Adema, Tantric, Epica, HedPE, and Wayne Static. Members of Orenda Scars are Corey James - vocals; Chrystal England - vocals; Troy Wilfong - guitars; Eric Dee - bass; and Nick Rivillas - drums.

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