Silence The Blind are a five-piece metal band out of Wheaton, Maryland. The band has been bringing brutal crossover thrash to the DC/MD/NoVA metal scene since late 2009. STB are Danny Boiko - Drums, Backing Vocals, Jae Curtis - Vocals, Eric Holmes - Guitars, Frank Kennedy Bass, and Danny Villagran - Guitars. In 2014, Silence The Blind released their debut CD Dead Inside, recorded by Mike Bossier at Oblivion Studios in Upper Marlboro, MD. Mixed and Mastered by Kit Benz. Silence the Blind put on an intense live show that is aggressive and heavy. The band is heading into the studio to begin work on an EP to be titled "The Undead March" and will be putting out a full-length CD to be titled "It All Goes Black" in the fall of 2015. STB say they plan to "continue rocking, playing shows, making records, drinking beer, repeat".

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The Electric Prophets are a little like rock meets soul, meets a high speed airplane fueled with sonic harmonies and guitar licks rounded out by the bombastic rhythm section. This band is the real deal, straight ahead Rock and Roll, a good kick in the crotch. Find them on Facebook and at a venue near you. The band consists of former members of Gorman Prophecy, King Belvadere, and. Motorocket : Mikka Lee -Vocals. / Charlie Death - Bass. / Jonny B- Guitars. / Stikky- Drums.

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Dali's Watch is a Rockville Maryland based heavy rock band with complex timings and a grungy heavy feel. Their style is hard to pin down but is best described as alternative/progressive/experimental/grungy hard rock. The music is hard hitting at times, yet beautiful and dynamic, with acoustics, cellos, and orchestra colliding with distorted guitars. While their music is very complex at times in time signatures and changes, it is brilliantly written and executed such that the average listener hardly notices. Like Rush, this is a significant accomplishment. The songs are catchy and get stuck in your head, and appeal to a broad audience from rhythm and blues to metal heads. Dali's Watch are Mic Wynne, Mike Galway, and Gary Venable.

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