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November 01, 2014

Doyle - Abominator (Monsterman) ....

Premiering with his first solo album entitled ABOMINATOR, Doyle Von Frankentstein, formerly of the Misifits, produces one hell of an awesome piece work. Self released on his own Monsterman Records, this album is an extension of what Misfits fans would expect even though it is NOT The Misfits. The first single of ABOMINATOR is "Valley of Shadows", which vocalist Alex Story explains is a "Dark Journey through lust and violence". I have to agree that lyrically the whole album follows that journey. This album is filled with horror, violence, death and everything else a good horror movie wouldn't be without. Musically ABOMINATOR features the hard driven rock and roll of the Misfits with a twist of thick old time metal. I have to admit that if I didnt know any better I would believe it to be early Misfits. But respectfully speaking this is great album to listen to. I feel anyone will be a fan of Doyle's first solo effort entiteld ABOMINATOR. Consisting of 11 tracks , you will find "Abominator", "Dreamingdeadgirls", "Valley of Shadows", "Cemeterysexxx" plus 7 more. ABOMINATOR features: Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein on guitars Alex Story (Ex Cancerslug) on vocals “Left Hand” Graham Reaper (Ex Grave, Ex Let It Burn) on bass Dr. CHUD on drums.

Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt (MonkeyWrench) ....

Lightning Bolt is the tenth studio album by the American rock band Pearl Jam, released October 2013. Pearl Jam are : Eddie Vedder – vocals, guitar, ukulele, Stone Gossard – guitar, Mike McCready – guitar, six-string bass, Jeff Ament – bass guitar, background vocals, and Matt Cameron – drums, background vocals. For a band on their 10th album, there will surely be criticism by die-hard fans picking it apart in comparison to albums like Yield, Vitalogy, and Ten. Lightning Bolt has some of the rawness of older Pearl Jam and should satisfy most of the die-hard fans. The album is good and certainly is testament to the bands abillity to continue on. There are great melodic transitions and character in these songs. It opens with "Getaway", my favorite track, defining the pace and a punk edge throughout "Mind Your Manners". "Sirens" is an astonishing ballad, and "Pendulum", slows to a state of trance, showing the bands depth and creativity in both music and lyric under Vedder's mesmorizing vocals. With this new album Lightning Bolt, Pearl Jam proves why they will always be one the greatest bands in rock.

Delusion - The Temple Divine (Ravenhurst) ....

Delusion are back with their long awaited new album entitled The Temple Divine, the follow up to their 2004 Ravenhurst Records release The Tragedy of Regret. Delusion have a new signature sound with this album, featuring new vocalist Nick Horner and drummer Trevor Ray, along with founding member Phil Carnes on guitar and Keith Menser on bass. Based out of New York, vocalist Nick Horner has experience in such genres as classical, jazz and rock and brings those influences to Delusion with a smooth and strong set of vocals that gives this new album just what it needs. Trevor Ray, a 17 year-old who knows his chops, debut's as drummer with Delusion and definitely brings a great sound to each new track with his flawless style of percussion. Phil Carnes reaches a new high with his writing both lyrically and musically, the guitars and keyboards are strong, and mystical to say the least. Keith Menser, known for his work with Mystic Force and Iced Earth, brings his harmonic style of bass playing to top it off. The Temple Divine consists of 12 tracks mixed and mastered by Drew Mazurek and produced by Delusion founding member Phil Carnes. These twelve songs take you by your soul and offer you a journey to the farther reaches of your mind with such tracks as "Morning Star", "Ten Years Fallen", "Arianna's Song" and "Temple Divine". It is a very powerful and inspiring album by way of musical structure and lyrics which penetrate your senses.

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