No. 9

Febtruary 01, 2014

Leatherwolf - Unchained Live (Leatherwolf) ....

California heavy metal band, LEATHERWOLF, have released their new album, “Unchained Live”, engineered by Michael Kramer, mixed by Roy Z, and mastered by Tom Baker. The album is the first LEATHERWOLF album to feature the lead guitar duo of Rob Math and Greg Erba who are joined by original members, vocalist/guitarist Michael Olivieri, drummer Dean Roberts, and long-time bassist Patrick Guyton. For a live album the recording production is top-notch and the album contains several of the band’s biggest classics from their first three albums, including the MTV video singles “The Calling”, “Hideaway”, and “Dr. Wicked (Rx O.D.)” from their most recent studio release New World Asylum. As an additional bonus, the band has re-cut their 1989 instrumental, “Black Knight”, which originally appeared on the “Street Ready” record.“Unchained Live” track listing is 01. Spiter ... 02. Kill and Kill Again ... 03. The Calling ... 04. Rise or Fall ... 05. Dr. Wicked (Rx O.D.) ... 06. Wicked Ways ... 07. Hideaway ... 08. Street Ready ... 09. Thunder ... 10. Black Knight. Those into old school metal will love this album.

Cannabis Corpse / Ghoul - Splatterhash (Tank Crimes) ....

I must confess this was my first exposure to these two death metal bands who have come together for a four song split EP. Cannabis Corpse are marijuana-themed metal, so the content is to be taken less seriously. Their two songs, “The Inhalation Plague” and “Shatter Their Bongs” , are high-energy death metal songs with constantly changing riffs, some great breakdowns, and blast beats. Ghoul deliver their high energy splatterthrash on “Inner Sanctum,” and “Spill Your Guts”, being a bit more old school thrash death metal than Cannabis Corpse, and incorporating some interesting haunting effects. I found myself more entertained by Ghoul, than I did Cannabis Corpse, who sounded less original in the scope of death metal. I wouldn't say there was anything great about this split EP, but I wouldn't say there was anything bad about it either. Judge for yourself !

Listen to Cannabis Corpse

Blackbery Smoke - The Whippoorwill (Earache) ....

Blackberry Smoke’s third full-length album, titled the Whippoorwill, has a sound that is much more down to earth, more heavily rooted in 70s Southern rock. They are to this past decade of the 2000's what Lynryd Skynyrd were to the 1970's, and you'll know it right from the album opener “Six Ways to Sunday." The album The Whippoorwill has previously been released in the US and now will be released for the first time in Europe on Feb 17th, 2014. The Whippoorwill is a great album all the way through and it won't disappoint you with memorable songs like "“Ain’t Much Left of Me”, "Sleeping Dogs”, “Everybody Knows She’s Mine”, and the Whippoorwill, a track that has a bit of country, southern rock, blues, jazz, and more. "The Whippoorwill" was very soulful and by far my favorite track. Blackberry Smoke have been tearing it up on tour, selling out shows across America. Now they about to take it to Europe. Don't miss them !

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