No. 15

September 01, 2014

Silence The Blind - Dead Inside (Self-Release) ....

Maryland's own Silence the Blind have released their debut album titled Dead Inside. I love the album artwork. This album was recorded at Oblivion Studios in Upper Marlboro, MD, recorded by Mike Bossier, and mixed and mastered by Kit Benz. The production on this album is top notch with Silence the Blind delivering a brutal, pounding, brain bashing, metal experience. Songs such as "My Spine (Cast You Out)", "Not God's Will", "Carcinoma (Y.C.K.M.M.F.)", "Cradle", and "Inside Your Head" will take you through an ultimate metal experience of pounding double bass drums, heavy ass guitars in your face, and brutal well written vocals."Nothing Dies Forever" is a clever song taking a somewhat death metal base and crossing it over to something more commercial. "Dead Song" was one of my favorites with a great riff of start and stop guitars and breakdowns which pull you in one direction and then another. Silence The Blind are : Danny Boiko - Drums, Backing Vocals (Bass on album) ; Jae Curtis - Vocals ; Eric Holmes - Guitars ; Frank Kennedy - Bass (Joined after recording was finished) ; and Danny Villagran - Guitars. Silence the Blind have delivered a formidible debut release, a must have for your collection.

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Accept - Blind Rage (Nuclear Blast) ....

Accept have released their new album titled Blind Rage, the bands third release with New Jersey born vocalist Mark Tornillo, whose vocals come close to sounding like original singer Udo Dirkschneider. Wolf Hoffman (guitar) and Peter Baltes (bass) have been writing music together since at least 1976 and it is evident that they do not waste their time with this new album Blind Rage. The opening song "Stampede" starts thing off in tight, speedy fashion, putting the foot on the gas pedal as Tornillo squalls and bellows his way through Accept's gritty brand of street thrash. "Dying Breed" has a denim-clad attitude and comes off as a hymn to all that is good and pure about heavy metal music. "200 Years" is a cosmopolitan, straight forward song, shadowed by the excellent "Bloodbath Mastermind" which screams classic Accept. This new album will satisfy Accept fans, both old and new.

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Ace Frehley- Space Invader (eOne Music) ....

I was highly anticipating this new album from Ace Frehley, especially since the dissings both Ace and Peter Criss received from former Kiss bandmates Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Unfortunately I was highly disappointed in Space Invader which is filled with mediocre songs, mediocre riffs, and lyrics that would appeal to hormone driven teens looking to pick up chicks. From the sound of its dozen tracks, this would appear to have a lot more to do with Frehley just being plum out of ideas than anything else. There's a certain promise in the central riffs of "Gimme a Feelin'" and "I Wanna Hold You", but as a total the album is terribly undermined by a combination of flat production, tuneless, bar-band vocals and some truly horrible lyrics. You can hate Paul and Gene all you want, but all evidence would seem to vindicate their claims that they carried their ex-bandmates back in the day, and for probably far longer than they were obligated.

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