No. 16

October 01, 2014

Dali's Watch - Breakfast Serial (Ravenhurst) ....

In October 2014, Ravenhurst Records will be releasing the progressive and experimental debut from the Maryland band Dali's Watch titled Breakfast Serial. The album was recorded at both Dogland Studios and with Drew Mazurek. Dali's Watch consists of Mic Wynne - vocals/guitars/keys; Michael Galway - bass guitars; and Gary Venable - drums. "Pandemic" is an instrumental that starts with sombering acoustic guitars, sound effects, and narration, then pulls you into something in the vein of progressive rock, sometimes slightly fusion. "Blissful Ignorance" rocks out with great riffs and vocals, having some resemblances to the sound of the band Tool. "Without a Whisper" is a musically psychedelic ballad with commercial potential and the band continues this with songs such as "Ray of Light" and "Bleak". On the song "Ghosts of the Past" the band introduces piano and more prominant synthwork. The chorus is memorable and the song has a notable breakdown towards the end. Dali's Watch finish off the album with a rendition of Duran Duran's "Ordinary World". All in all I found this debut album to be something a bit different, quirky, original, and interesting.

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Sanctuary - The Year The Sun Died (Century Media) ....

Sanctuary is an American Thrash metal band founded in Seattle in 1985. They split up in 1992 after releasing two studio albums. After disbanding, vocalist Warrel Dane, bassist Jim Sheppard, and guitarist Jeff Loomis formed the band Nevermore. Sanctuary announced they were reuniting for another studio album titled The Year The Died to be released in October 2014. The songs are solid and those who have waited to hear Warrel's great metal voice won't be disppointed. There is much less of the crazy falsetto which tend to find itself planted in the background. While these songs could easily have come from sessions for their earlier album Into The Mirror Black, I think this new album swings more towardsa sound of Nevermore less the seven-string guitar sound that Loomis developed. The band delivers some straight forward metal on songs such as "Arise and Purify", "Let the Serpent Follow Me", "Question Existence Fading", "The World Is Wired" , "The Dying Age" , and the instrumental "Ad Vitam Aeternam". Great guitar work on this new album. The band even goes further including their rendition of the Doors song "Waiting for the Sun".

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In Flames - Siren Charms (Sony Music) ....

In Flames return with their 11th studio album Siren Charms. There are those who will argue that the bands music has gone downhill over the past several albums and for those who abandoned the band, their latest release is not likely to bring them back onboard. Siren Charms continues the experimental nature of their past albums and mainstream interests. "Rusted Nail" has a post 90's industrial feel with an epic chorus and "In Plain View" starts off in similar fashion but focusing on a large raging chorus. "With Eyes Wide Open" is more of a pop song aimed at a mainstream audience and "When The World Explodes" is more metalcore with a female chorus that comes out of left field. This new album sounds more like alternative metal with touches of metalcore which may not be well received by their fans.

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