No. 18

December 01, 2014

Job For A Cowboy - Sun Eater (Metal Blade) ....

The Glendale Arizonia band Job For A Cowboy return in 2014 with their much anticipated fourth album Sun Eater. One always has to wonder if a band will top its last release or fall into the rut of delivering the same old bland recycled tunes. In this case Job For A Cowboy not only top their last release Demonocracy, but deliver something new, more progressive, and with wider scope. Its less deathcore, more death metal, highlighting the technical nature of their music. From the starting song "Eating the Visions of God" it draws you in, captures you, and carries you throughout great songs like "The Stone Cross", "A Global Shift", "Encircled By Mirrors", and other memorable songs. The bass guitars of Nick Schendzielos on this album are exceptional and the lead guitars of Tony Sannicandro show great progression and vision. As with past Job For A Cowboy albums though , I still can't help but think that this band would be so much better with a different singer.

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Machine Head - Bloodstone and Diamonds (Nuclear Blast) ....

Machine Head deliver another solid performance on their new album Bloodstone and Diamonds. While the band has always given us just a bit more with every album, this one shows a more exploratory side of their song writing utilizing synths and orchestral sounds to enhance their powerful metal sound. The aggression, the groove, the riffs, will have you hooked. Rob Flynn's guitars on this album sound great, the result of his mastering of multi-layering guitar tracks, so I've heard. The title track "Bloodstone and Diamonds" was one of favorites, along with ther ntable songs "Killer and Kings", "Now We Die", "In Comes The Flood", and "Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones". The album is full of their signature narrative parts and aggressive whispering, maybe a bit overkill on this one. In some cases I felt this taking away from its greatness. Machine Head fans surely will not be disappointed.

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Beyond Creation - Earthborn Evolution (Season of Mist)

The Montreal based technically progressive death metal band Beyond Creation have released their second album Earthborn Evolution, following up their debut release Aura in 2011. The level of maturity in their latest release is most notable as the band delivers a work of mastery, establishing a unique sound for themselves, and setting themselves above the rest. Fans of the genre will absorb this release with its complex layering of riffs and solos, the abrupt stops, the build, and anticipation. The title track "Earthborn Evolution", with over five minutes of mostly instrumental devise, instantly pulls you in, holding on to the listener, and never letting go with its brutal drop tuned groove and intense delivery. Other memorable songs from this album are "Neurotic Transmissions", " Theatrical Delirium", and "Fundamental Process", which was my favorite track after the title track.

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