No. 19

January 01, 2015

Zekiah - Self-Titled (Self-Released) ....

This month I had the pleasure of reviewing the self-released album from the Maryland / D.C. hard rock band Zekiah. The band consists of members Josh Woods-Guitar, Mike Bossier-Guitar, Chris Hicks-Bass, Mark Lorenzo-Vocals, and Jim Zill- Drums. The band says it has taken some seriously energetic and heavy rock-metal, pulled it through Marylandís stoner/doom swamp and wound up on the shore singing loudly with some genuinely unique and memorable songs. That's a good assessment. The music is definitely hard rock with touches of blues and metal throughout with reminences of the likes of Soundgarden, Clutch, and Corrosion of Conformity. Among the memorable songs were "Golden Cross", "Fifth Eye", "Emptiness, Despair, Fear", and "Rhinestone Cell Phone". I particularly enjoyed the banjo. harmonica, and slide guitars on songs such as "All Hands" and "Broken Glass Throne." Pick up a copy of Zekiah's new album and support local music.

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Cavalera Conspiracy - Pandemonium (Napalm) ....

Max Cavalera has been a busy man this past year releasing albums with Soulfly, his new supergroup Killer be Killed, and his own book. He continues the productivity with yet a third release from Cavalera Conspiracy, reuniting with his brother Igor Cavalera to deliver a brutal album of thrash metal that will take you back to the days of Sepultura glory. The two brothers never sounded so angry, focused, and filled with energy. The bashing is relentless from start to finish with memorable tracks such as "Babylonian Pandemonium", "Scum", "Insurrection", and "The Crucible". My favorite track was "Bonzai Kamikaze", simply an amazing barrage with some great riffs. I would have to point out that while i enjoyed the great guitar production, the vocals do seem to be lost in the mix a little on this album. Overall a worthy assembly of songs but the production falls a bit short which is sad to say a disappointment.

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Shreadhead - Death Is Righteous (Mighty Might)

Israeli thrash metal band Shredhead return with their second album titled Death Is Righteous to be released on Jan 12th, 2015. The bands sound has progressed going into this latest release as they have relocated to Berlin in Germany and found their direction. Death is Righteous can be describes as old school thrash with contemporary stylizations in the likes of Machine Head, Sepultura, maybe even a little Slipknot. The new album is filled with intense energy from start to finish and is sure to be adorded by fans. Among some of the memorable tracks are "Devil's Race", "Death Is Righteous", "Walk With The Dead", "I Hate Myself", and "I Am". Topping it off, the album is mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen, one of the biggest names in the metal world. If you are a fan of thrash metal, do yourself a favor and check this one out !

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