No. 20

February 01, 2015

Blind Guardian - Beyond The Red Mirror (Nuclear Blast) ....

Blind Guardian return with their tenth album Beyond The Red Mirror, working with three worldwide choirs from Budapest, Prague, and Boston, along with two full-scale orchestras each consisting of 90 members. The albums aims at being a musical masterpiece with epic songs starting and concluding the album each clocking in at over nine minutes. The album begins with a breathtaking intro whose chorus leads into the first track "The Ninth Wave". The band reaches epic proportion with tracks like "Twilight of the Gods", "Prophecies", "The Holy Grail", "Miracle Machine", and closing with "Grand Parade". The music at times will remind you of great bands such as Queen, Iron Maiden, Helloween with greatness provided by Frederik Ehmke's percussion, the awesome guitars of André Olbrich and Marcus Siepen, topped by the insatiable vocals of Hansi Kürsch. Blind Guardian have delivered an album of symphonic metal that is unmatched, remarkable, a near virtuoso of the genre. Fans of the band will be anxiously awaiting this album to be released soon.

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Periphery - Juggernaut : Alpha (Sumerian) ....

Periphery unleash their conceptual album Juggernaut in two parts titled Alpha and Omega, a work in progress for several years now. The bands sound of metal with elements of progressive, jazz, bossa nova, pop, etc. has evolved over the years and with Juggernaut, Periphery have reached an apex to carving a path of their own in the genre many refer to as "djent". With Alpha, the band delivers a more melodic, pop oriented album, with intriguing harmonies and intricate composition showcasing the talents of vocalist Spencer Sotelo, while Omega tends to be darker themed. Alpha starts its introduction with the song "A Black Minute", a strange but interesting track weaving great synth sounds with slow picking acoustic guitars building to apex of heavy guitars and low-tuned bass. The band ups the anti on "Mk Ultra" delivering a heavy performance of guitars and vocals more screamo and death metal than the rest of the album, shifting gears near the end to a lightly composed jazz like composition. Other notable songs from this album are "Heavy Heart", "The Scourge", "Rainbow Gravity", and "Psychosphere".

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Napalm Death - Apex Pedator : Easy Meal (Century Media)

Napalm Death are a grindcore death metal band from England serving up their sixteenth album with Apex Predator : Easy Meat. The album is exactly what you would expect from the band with brutal high tempo blast beats, heavy down-tuned guitars, and practically indistinguishable vocals. With their latest album the slaughter continues as the band delivers song after song of intense metal that will rip you to pieces and smear you across the wall. Its almost hard to believe that at age 45 vocalist Mark "Barney" Greenway can still belt out the growling, screaming, decimating voice of his infamy that has persisted over decades and numerous album releases. This album will have you spinning in circles with songs such as "Smash a Single Digit", "Metaphorically Screw You", "Timeless Flogging", "Bloodless Coup", "Stunt Your Growth", and "Hierarchies".

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