No. 21

March 01, 2015

Rob Zombie - Spookshow International Live (Universal) ....

Rob Zombie will be releasing a live disc of songs spanning his monsterous career called Spookshow International Live. The album is due to be released later this year, while the actual release date still remains unknown. The live album comes in the midst of Rob Zombie writing songs for a new studio album and will give fans something to thrive on prior to its release. Zombie unveiled some of the key elements for the album via his Facebook page where the full track listing as well as the album artwork are now available for fans to check out. According to Zombie, “It’s been eight years since our last live album, so we figured it was time for another. Actually, we weren’t planning on it, but we recorded a few shows and they sounded really great,’ so we thought, ‘F— it! Let’s get it out there. For the record, no overdubs, no fixes, no fake crowd, no nothing. 100% absolutely live. No joke.” The track list features many of the songs Zombie was playing while supporting his ‘Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor’ tour. As a bonus, Zombie pays tribute to the Ramones with a cover of ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’.

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Venom - From the Very Depths (Spinefarm) ....

What old-school metalhead doesn't remember the band Venom, whose first two albums Welcome to Hell and Black Metal were pivotal in influencing a revolution of more extreme metal in the 80's ? Moving forward however the band released eleven more albums, none of which had the prowess and success of their first two albums. When I heard that Venom were again releasing another new album titled From The Very Depths, I was excited, yet skeptical, that they would rise again to deliver another remarkable album. Sadly, I was disappointed as From The Very Depths doesn't come close to having the magic this band has clearly lost long ago. The album starts off promising with "From The Depths of Hell" and "Death To Rock and Roll", but quickly fades into oblivion with repetitive riffs and long drawn out songs that are tedious and fail to keep your interest.

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The Agonist - Eye of Providence (Century Media)

The Agonist have releaed their third album titled Eye of Providence, this time with a lineup change. In 2014, vocalist Alissa White-Gluz left to join the band Arch Enemy and she was replaced by vocalist Vicky Psarakis. Not only is the vocal sound an abrupt change from heavier, screamier vocals, to clean singing, but the whole dynamic of the music has changed in the songwriting, sound of the guitars, etc. The songs are simpiler, more melodic, and repetitive, with abundant meaningless guitar solos. The more mainstream sound ofthe band will surely attract new afans to the band, while disassociating itself from its longtime fanbase. Among the better songs on the album are "Danse Macabre", "I Endeavor", "Architects Hallucinate", and The Perfect Embodiment".

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