No. 22

April 01, 2015

Hands of Despair - Hereafter (Deathbound) ....

Montreal Canada based Hands of Despair are releasing their album Hereafter, a death metal opus styled in doom and progressive metal. The band was formed in 2009 by Maxime Cote who recorded two demos as a solo act before taking Hands of Despair to the next level as a full group, now joined by Jeff Mott - vocals, Alexandre Primeau - guitars, Etienne Gallo - drums, and François-Xavier Jodoin - bass. Apparently the band took its time putting together their lineup and polishing the material for the 6 song EP album Hereafter to be released this month. The band got it right delivering an album of good material and a strong production with songs "The Departure", "Shattered Memories", "Them", "Underworld", "The Road", and my favorite "Creator" which is filled with some great breakdowns and complimenting synth tracks. If you haven't had a chance to check this band out yet, do yourself a favor.

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Goetia - Le Vide (Deathbound) ....

Goetia hail from the Ottawa/Gatineau area of Canada and their 2013 album Le Vide is being released on Deathbound Records this month. The band features Mathieu Tessier - guitars / vocals, Benoît Groulx - guitars / vocals, Frank Beecher - bass / synth, and Chris Emery - Drums. While most would call a five song work an EP, this one clocks in at nearly 48 minutes. long enough to be considered a full-length album. Goetia describe their music as "post-metal and experimental" which is a fair assessment. Their style of doom and black metal is shadowed by heavy overtones of an experimental element much like the Doors once introduced in the late 60's. The production is good on songs "Starvation", "Graves", "Overseas", "Heliotrope", and "Néant Derthal", but overall the songs on this album seem too drawn out, too long to hold the listeners attention for more than ten minutes each.

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Hollywood Undead - Day of the Dead (Interscope)

Day of the Dead is the fourth studio album from the band Hollywood Undead and the band has been releasing singles from the album since the end of last year in anticipation of the upcoming full-album release. Its nice to say that the band takes a step in a forward direction with this new album, still the party band you grew to like from Swan Songs, but much more evolved. Still there are a few songs on Day of the Dead that seem to be rehashed, choruses lacking interest, and cliche rapping. You can tell the band is trying for an even more commercial and radio audience. There are plenty of catchy songs sure to spark your interest and get you hooked with "Usual Suspects", "How We Roll", "Day of the Dead", "War Child", "Dark Place", "Take Me Home", "Gravity", "Does Everybody in the World Have to Die", "Disease", "Party By Myself", "Live Forever", and "Save Me".

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