No. 23

May 01, 2015

Gruesome - Savage Land (Relapse) ....

For those who are not familiar with Gruesome, the band was spawned from the inception of Death to All, a tribute band to the late great Chuck Schuldiner of the band Death, paying homage to the first wave death metal scene of Tampa, Florida. Gruesome members are Gus Rios (Malevalent Creation) - guitars, vocals, Matt Harvey (Exhumed) - drums, Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed) - guitars, and Robin Mazen - bass. Savage Land is a fun album, at times nostalgic, even eerie as the band comes close to imitating the sound and feel of classic Death albums such as Scream Bloody Gore, Leprosy, and Spiritual Healing. Songs such as "Trapped in Hell", "Hideous", "Gangrene", "Closed Casket", and "Gruesome" will take you back to the glory days of 80's death metal. Yes, it will remind you of Death, it's not better than the original band but admirably close. Fans of Schuldiner should be reeling to support this album and embrace these songs. If Chuck could send a message from the other side, he would send a thumbs up.

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Kamelot - Haven (Napalm) ....

Kamelot return with their second album featuring new singer Tommy Karevik (Ayreon, Seventh Wonder), who replaced original singer Roy Khan. Haven has many of the fine qualities present on the bands album Silverthorn and they’ve crafted yet another masterpiece in Haven that is filled with neo-classical prog-power energy and finese. It is less heavy, dark, and edgy than Silverthorn, but is still a polished collection songs that build upon themselves and transition nicely. Notable songs are"Veil of Elysium", "Song For Jolee", "Rule The World", "The Great Pandamonium", and the breathtaking ballad "Under Grey Skies" faeturing the guest female vocals of Charlotte Wessels (Delain). Tommy Karevik seems to have breathed new life into Kamelot and his vocals are exceptional., tastefully mimicing those of his predecessor Khan. The band delivers 53 minutes of memorable progressive and powerful metal sure to please the ears of fans of the genre.

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Helloween - My God-Given Right (Nuclear Blast) ....

Thirty years after their debut self-titled EP, the German power metal band Helloween return with their 15th studio album titled My God-Given Right. The band began with Kai Hansen handling the role of guitarist and vocalist on the debut EP, but they soon added a new vocalist in Michael Wiske for their most notable work Keeper of the Seven Keys. Kai Hansen left unexpectedly at the end of the Keeper of the Seven Keys : Part Two tour, citing conflicts, dissatisfaction, and ill-health, leading to his replacement and two subsequent albums, Pink Bubbles Go Ape (1991) and Chameleon (1993) that were commercial failures. Vocalist Wiske was then replaced by former Pink Cream 69 vocalist Andy Deris in 1994 and he has remained with the band for the past ten albums. While this new album My God-Given Right is one that grows on you with more plays, the band seems to have topped out several albums ago, and deliver nothing more or less exceptional that their typical old school stuff. Their first two singles "Battle's Won" and "Lost In America" are decent songs, but the rest of the album reaks with mediocrity, even borderlining on cheesy at times.

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