No. 25

July 01, 2015

Nuclear Assault - Pounder ....

Iconic NY trashers Nuclear Assault return with a new EP for their last release and tour. The band was formed after bassist Dan Lilker left Anthrax in 1984. After releasing five full-length albums and touring relentlessly throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Nuclear Assault split up in 1995. They briefly reunited in 1997 and again in 2002, remaining active. Nuclear Assault have released six studio albums to date, the last being Third World Genocide (2005). Their most successful records have been Survive (1988) and Handle with Care (1989), which peaked at #145 and #126 on the Billboard 200 chart respectively. The band is know for such great songs as "Hang The Pope", "Trail of Tears", "Search and Seizure", and more. If this years release and tour are to be the bands last, they don't leave fans with much. The new EP titled Pounder contains just four songs : "Pounder", "The Blind Follow (A.K.A. Lies)", "Analogue Man in a Digital World", and "Died in Your Arms". While the EP has its charm, catchy riffs, and blazing solos, it falls short of coming close to albums such as Handle With Care, failing to serve as a great finale to the bands career. Pounder will be no more than a footnote in the legacy of the band and I had hoped for more.

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Hatebeak - Number of the Beak (Reptilian) ....

Balimore's novelty metal band Hatebeak have released their new album Number of the Beak, a parady on Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast, on Baltimore label Reptilian Records. The band has mocked others artists such as Judas Priest and Metallica on their previous release of songs titled "Hell Bent For Feathers" and "The Thing That Should Not Beak". Hatebeak is the vision of Blake Harrison of Pig Destroyer and Mark Sloan of The Index, featuring Waldo, a 21-year-old Congo African grey parrot on vocals. Sounds interesting ? Hatebeak made its second record with Caninus, a band whose lead singers were two dogs. I was actually expecting more from this release and was disappointed by the poor recording quality and lack of effort put into this extreme metal production. It was mostly a barrage of poorly executed songs, a mess of distortion, weirdness, and bird sounds. I guess this genre has transcended from pig sounds to bird sounds. It make one wonder "who thinks of this shit ?" Sadly, I have heard worse in the world of grind/extreme metal and the parrot outshines quite a few voclaists in this genre. I would suggest Number of the Beak only for the most dedicated extreme metallers, where it may find its niche.

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Bearstorm - Americanus (Grimoire) ....

This month I got to review some blackened southern deathprog from Richmond, VA's Bearstorm. The bands new EP Americanus has been released on the Baltimore label Grimoire Records. The band consists of Michael Edwards - vocals, Jay Lindsey - bass & midi/synth, Patrick DeRoche - drums, Kelsey Miller - Guitar & Fiddle, Greg Bates - Guitar. Bearstorm have released thier new EP Americanus, containing five songs : "Glacial Relic \ Riparian Forest", "De Soto", "Little Portals to the Greater Sadness", "Why we canít have nice things", and "Glacial Relic II". The music is interesting, a mix of music that is rock, metal , and progressive layered with the growling vocals of death metal. There really wasn't any song on this album that caught my attention or stood out, but there were some cool riffs within. Personally, I think the bands music would be more suited for a clean singer and these songs would be that much better had the recording production been of greater quality. "Why We Can't Have Nice Things" was probably my favorite song with its very intense bridge. The album was a good one-shot playthrough for me, I don't expect I'd drag it out for another listen, but I will definitely look for their future albums hoping for improvements.

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