No. 26

September 01, 2015

Outlaws & Moonshine - 1919 (HighVolMusic) ....

Indiana southern rock band Outlaws & Moonshine will be releasing their new cd titled 1919 on Oct 16th. The band are vocalist/guitarist Beau Van, bassist Chris Van, guitarist/vocalist Mike Back, and drummer Eric Piper who have been honing their music over the years. The album sounds great with a polished production and is full of anthem like rhythm and blues, rock and soul, and a melting pot of hook filled melodies. The 5-song EP contains songs "Cootie Brown", "Whiskey", "Hey Y'all", "Redneck Me", and "Different Kind of Man". It is being promoted as being for fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackberry Smoke, Black Stone Cherry, and Shooter Jennings. "Cootie Brown" is a memorable anthem that rocks out with some great lyrics such as "Here's the story of Cootie Brown. He was the drunkest redneck in town." You want to know who Cootie Brown is and by the end of the song you want to hang out with me. This is exceptional bar music. The band has a music video for the song "Whiskey", which starts off with a mellow acoustic guitar intro, a misleading rouse which then fades back into a full out rock song continuing the pace of party madness. Outlaw's & Moonshine transcends all barriers crossing into the mainstream. Their label HighVolMusic has been putting out some great stuff as of late and the promotional material was top-notch. Look out for these guys !!!!

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Iron Maiden - Book of Souls (BMG) ....

Iron Maiden return for their 16th album titled Book of Souls, finished just before singer Bruce Dickinson's recent diagnosis and brush with cancer. It is hard to believe it has been over three decades now that this band has been going. Dickinson sounds great and one could never tell he was suffering any affliction. The band itself sounds strong, still trending at a peak, and you can tell they are inspired. Book of Souls is a double disc release will long, epic songs that embody all the bands progressive nature topped with some subtle exploration. "Empire Of The Clouds" is the longest song the band has ever recorded, running 18 minutes. It is an epic metal opus with Dickinson on piano and orchestral overtones. "The Red And The Black" is Steve Harris only sole composition. It is an amazing piece of songwriting, over 13 minutes of great guitar and bass. The band deliver three great anthems in "Speed of Light", "Death or Glory", and "Tears of a Clown", all written by Adrian Smith. Iron Maiden fans will embrace this album and it will likely be considered among their best.

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Symphony X - Underworld (Nuclear Blast) ....

I have been anxiously awaiting the new release from Symphony X titled Underworld, inevidently hoping for something better than their last album Iconoclast which was a bit disappointing. The band had experimented with a sound that was less progressive, less symphonic, and much more gritty. It seemed as if the writing and production were rushed just to get another album out. With Underworld, Symphony X attempt to mix the best of both worlds, returning with an album that is more progressive, more symphonic, more melodic, bringing along that heavy, gritty sound. I thoughly enjoyed the new album with tracks such as "Legend", "Kiss of Fire", and "Nevermore" among others. Some of the material treads lightly on sounding a bit rehashed, but Michael Romeo's guitarwork is still shredding and Russell Allen delivers a powerful vocal performance. There are times when the band touches lightly on exploring other genres such as extreme metal, or the black metal overtones of "Run With The Devil". Overall I found the album interesting and appealing, still not better than their albums Odyssey or Paradise Lost.

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