No. 27

October 01, 2015

Slayer - Repentless (Nuclear Blast) ....

Everyone wondered what would become of Slayer after the death of their guitarist and songwriter Jeff Hanneman died last year. Would Slayer go on ? Yes, they would enlisting guitarist Gary Holt, of Exodus, to take Hanneman's place. The question loomed whether the loss of Hanneman would change the bands sound. Drummer Paul Bostaph also joined the band replacing Dave Lombardo once again after Lombardo and the band came to differences. Despite these changes Slayer have kept moving forward, recently releasing their 11th studio album titled Repentless. Aside from the track "Piano Wire written by Hanneman, the album was written by Kerry King who took on the responsibility all by himself and delivered an album that feels inspired. The album may stand to gain back fans who abandoned the band over the years through albums like Christ Illusion. The guitar riffs of King and Holt are fierce and relentless throughout. “Take Control” begins brutally fast and continues with masterful tempo shifts. “You Against You” features great solos, and songs like "Vice", and "Pride and Prejudice" don't disappoint.

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Clutch - Psychic Warfare (Weathermaker) ....

Germantown Maryland band Clutch return with their 11th studio album Psychic Warfare. The band has been on a roll the past few years since their 2013 release Earth Rocker received rave reviews and introduced a whole new generation of fans to their music. The band once again worked with producer Machine (Lamb of God, Crobot, Suicide Silence). They work well together, and the album’s tones are impeccable. There’s plenty of bottom end so you can hear talented bassist Dan Maines and drummer Jean-Paul Gaster. Frontman Neil Fallon is an excellent word man laden on top of the heavy riffs and driving beats. Among the notable songs were "X-Ray Visions", "Lady of Electric Light", "A Qucik Death in Texas", and "Son of Virginia". Fortunately Clutch seems to age like fine wine on this release, maturing and progressing in a meaningful direction, leaving you mesmorized by the intense energy and addicting melodies.

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Queensryche - Condition Human (Century Media) ....

Condition Human is the 18th studio album from prog metal band Queensryche. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Chris "Zeuss" Harris. The band consists of original members Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield, and Michael Wilton joined by Parker Lundgren (guitars) and Todd La Torre (vocals). From the start the album is a driving force all the way to the end as the band returns to grasp the sound that made so many of their albums great. Todd La Torre's vocals are powerful and energetic, delivering everything that could be delivered by former vocalist Tate, and much, much more. Condition Human projects a sound, of a band that is very inspired. "Arrow of Time" is a blistering song that will hook you and never let go. "Guardian" has all the elements of classic Queensryche. "Hellfire" was my favorite, a hard hitting rocker with blazing solos that show the band at its best. Other notable songs were "Eye9", "Bulletproof", "Hour Glass", and "The Aftermath". Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed.

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