No. 28

November 01, 2015

Cage - Ancient Evil (SMG) ....

Power metallists Cage return with their seventh album titled Ancient Evil, delivering a huge collection of seventeen songs. Their 80's style of metal reminds me of bands like Helloween, Helstar, and others. This is old school metal at its best and Cage do a great job serving it up. From the start of the album the power is apparent with blistering riffs and blasting drum beats, laden with the power metal vocals of Sean "The Hell Destroyer" Peck". It only gets better as the album goes on with notable songs that include " There Were Others ", "Ancient Evil ", " The Procedure ", " Cassandra ", " I Have Awakened ", " Across the Sea of Madness ", and " Symphony of Sin ". The album is well written and has a great recording production. It will appeal most to fans of old school metal but will surely lure even the most modern of metal enthusiasts.

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Chugan - Virus (Self- Released) ....

From Israel comes the band Chugan with their debut album titled Virus. The word Chugan is Russian meaning cast iron. The band's musical style combines the speed and savage aggression of old school Thrash and Death Metal, along with the rhythmic elements of modern metal, to create fast, aggressive and intense music. The band consists of members Denise Sizov- Vocals, Timur Sizov - Guitar, Alexey Saprikin - Bass, and Yahel Goldshtein - Drums. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this band. Their songs are strongly death metal and have an insatiable groove, reminding me of the glory days of bands like Deicide. It always amazes me to hear a female singer deliver the growling, screaming vocals of death metal that compare to any male voice. Among the notable songs were "Virus", "Unholy Warrior", "Sadistic Rites", "Futile", "Fall of Mankind", and "Evil Whiskey".

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Cut The Architects Hand - Blood Eagle (Aunt Mary Records) ....

From Richmond, Virgina comes Cut The Architect's Hand formed in 2002, featuring members S. Greg Branch:Vocals / Bass.. Bryan Conner:Vocals / Drums, and Tim Madison:Vocals/ Guitar. The bands music is somewhere in the crossover between thrash metal and death metal. The 2014 release Blood Eagle is the bands third album release and I have to say that I was slightly disappointed in the recording production that lacks that upfront in your face sound, less bright, and muddy sounding. While the songs were mediocre overall, there were some interesting grooves here and there. I enjoyed the bands use of odd guitar accents similar to those that define that signature Sepultura sound. Some of the notable songs were "Blood Eagle", "Times Square Rolex", and "Rust The Barrel". My advice for these guys would be to look into a better recording studio for their future albums.

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