No. 33

May 01, 2016

Killswitch Engage - Incarnate (Roadrunner) ....

Killswitch Engage return with their 7th studio album titled Incarnate. It is their 2nd album with returning vocalist Jesse Leach, who rejoined the band in 2012 for their album Disarm the Descent, replacing vocalist Howard Jones. Despite that album lacking cohesion and struggling to pull it it together with Leech fronting the band, the bands new album Incarnate is strong and representative of a Killswitch Engage fans have come to respect. Adam D. and Joel Stroetze have always been two great guitar players and with Incarnate they serve up heavy, grinding, precision riffs on songs like "Hate By Design" and "Strength of the Mind". The band treads in new directions with songs like "Until The Day", experimenting with odd time changes, crossingover into death metal on "The Great Deceit". The band continues to grab its audience with harmonious melodies that are to be remembered. Killswitch Engage pretty much stick to the same formula which has gotten them this far. Some may consider that a negativeaspect, but why change what has workedfor the band and continues to lead to great albums.

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Talamyus - Honour is Our Code, Death is The Reward
(Deathbound) ....

Formed in 2002 by brothers Benoit and Dany St-Jean, from the Montreal music scene, Talamyus have released their 4th album through Deathbound Records. While I am generally not a big fan of their style of music, I must admit that they do a great job in delivering their brand of melodic viking black metal. Some of the guitar riffs are memorable at times reminding me of something progressive like that found in early Iron Maiden tunes. The band cites Kreator as an influence and I definitive hear this in their music. Notable songs were "Blood Eagle", "Loki's Punishment", "Hall of the Bravest Souls", and "I Bow To No Man." While the band claims to have stepped away from its death metal past, it is hard hitting and brutal. Fans of viking metal, black metal, and I dare say some progressive metallers will enjoy this album.

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Cut The Architect's Hand - We Dig No Graves (Aunt Mary)

After recently reviewing the last release by Cut The Architect's Hands which seemed all too lackluster, the band has released their latest album We Dig No Graves. I can start by saying the album art is much more impressive on this release. While there has certainly been improvement with the music and production on this latest release it still suffers from the same drawbacks in a mediocre production. The drums and vocals are lackluster, sometimes dull, lost in the mix, and at times the guitars seems to just blend into a mess of distortion. The band claims to do their recordings live to capture their energy. This album has some good songs just like their last album. I particularly enjoyed "Harlequin Rifle" and "Sleep Is Where The Dead Dream". Let me be clear though, if this band ever makes it into a studio with a better recording production, it will be something to talk about. An extra star this time for their effort.

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