No. 39

December 01, 2016

Metallica - Hardwired To Self-Destruct (Blackened) ....

Metallica have been one of the most influential bands in metal history. Their first two albums Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning laid the foundation for what became the pinnacle to their success with Master of Puppets then And Justice For All. While the Black album was a decent album, its move towards a more mainstream production left a sour taste in the mouths of its diehard fans which was solidified with the their follow-ups Load and Reload. I won't even dive into describing what a piece of shit St. Anger was with Lar's Ulrich's drums sounding like he was beating on trashcans. In 2008, the band released Death Magnetic, a pleasant change that had fans wondering if they had returned to find their roots. With the release of their new album Hardwired To Self-Destruct, fans will find pleasure in knowing that the old Metallica they loved are back with the same heavy verocity that led to their glory. With songs like "Atlas Rise", "Manunkind", "Here Comes Revenge", "Moth Into Flames", and more, the album gives listeners of 77 minutes of good tunes to rock out and bang heads.

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Candiria - While They Were Sleeping (Metal Blade) ....

With a new drummer and guitarist, Brookyln NY's Candiria return with a new found energy and focus that shines with the progression of their musical skill and styles. The band delivers a production bringing a melting pot of styles in the form of hardcore, metal, rap, and jazz.Their first shot at semi-stardom came when the band signed to Century Media for 2001's 300 Percent Density, their fourth album to that point.It didn't last long as the following year the band's tour van was involved in a serious accident resulting in guitarist Eric Matthews leaving the group permanently, largely as a result of the injuries sustained.The bands next album aptly titled What Doesn't Kill You wasn't released until 2004 and met with ill criticism. This was followed by a long hiatus until their 2009 release Kiss the Lie which was met with even more criticism as the band attempted to move in a more metalcore direction. With Candiria's new album While They Were Sleeping, the band returns with something strong, more in the light of their more experimental releases, overcoming what has hindered their past few releases. Songs like "Mereya", "The Cause", "Opaque", "With Broken Bones", and '"Servitude" will have Candiria fans wanting even more.

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Testament - Brotherhood Of The Snake (Nuclear Blast)

Testament are another one of those bands, like Metallica, who had a string of successful influential albums before losing their mojo throughout the midst of various lineup changes. The departure of guitarist Alex Skolnick generally marked the end of bands classic thrash style and the band struggled on through several albums that were at best mediocre. The only thing that remained a signature with the band were the vocals of Chuck Billy. With the return of Alex Skolnick in 2008, the band has released two decent albums in The Formation of Damnation and Dark Roots of Earth, gaining a resurgence in popularity with fans.With their new album Brotherhood of the Snake, they continue with this winning formula. Testament have found their groove and set out to retain the hearts of their fans with a heavy fury of intense riffs and memorable songs such as "Pale King", "Blackjack", "Born In A Rut", and the ever powerful "Stronghold".

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